Stainless steel Evaporative Cooling Equipment
Premier Industries, Inc.
Division of Cool Air Technologies, Inc
  11050 N. 22nd Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85029

       Premier Industries, Inc. has been in the business of manufacturing custom design and custom built Evaporative Cooling and similar Equipment for the past 32 years. We use only Stainless Steel as a housing material and Premier Select Rigid Media as a cooling medium. There is no better source for the highest performance, quality and longest lasting evaporative cooling equipment.

Our specialty is to provide technical assistance in the design of an application and build the right equipment to meet the requirements of that application. Our website offers the Engineer or Contractor the opportunity to download specifications for the products we build. For those special applications not easily defined or configured, we offer assistance in the development of the specifications. Our experience can be helpful to define the best product for the least cost.


Beginning in 2010, we started the manufacture of a Stainless Steel Residential Evaporative Cooler line of products for PremierCool, Inc. In addition to the full Cooler, they will also be offering a replacement stainless steel wet section for MasterCool units for either 8” or 12” thick media.   Please go to their website for more detail on the Residential model or contact us directly. We pride ourselves on building equipment that delivers the best performance available year after year for many years at a competitive price.


    We maintain a large inventory of Premier Select Rigid Cooling media for quick shipment for any media requirement up to 24” thick x 78” high or as small as any  Residential size cooler media. We cut media to any size required. 

We pride ourselves on using the label Made in the USA”  at our Manufacturing Plant: 11050 N. 22nd Avenue, Phoenix, AZ. We appreciate your business.
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